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What is "Lycopene"

Lycopene is a naturally carotenoids that found in plant, fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes, pink grapefruit, guava and watermelon contains lycopene, in particular, especially tomato the content of lycopene is highest. Lycopene is a natural pigment, Therefore causes the tomato, the watermelon and the red grapefruit can shown the red. Lycopene is due to the color of the carbon conjugated double bonds (means that single and double bond structure of the emerging interactive).  Which reduces the double bond jumped to a high-energy electronic bands needed for energy, so that the molecules absorb longer wavelengths of visible light. The lycopene absorbs the majority visible light, therefore is red.

Our bodies will not be manufacture lycopene by our self. Lycopene is a fat-soluble substance, when we eat food containing lycopene, chylomicrons in the small intestine will carry lycopene arrives at all part of our body's by infuse of blood.

Lycopene is also a very strong Antioxidants

Lycopene is also a very strong antioxidants, it will cause the unable affect, before let the free radical injury cell, and against many types of degradation (aging) disease. The free radical is heart disease, cancer and the aged prime culprit and will promote clogged arteries, bone and the degradation of the nervous system. The main cause of skin aging is caused by ultra-violet light from the singlet oxygen; the lycopene is the most powerful device to prevent the singlet oxygen. In the anti-oxidation, such as 5-10mg daily consumption of lycopene will significantly increase the amount of lycopene in serum and also will reduces the fat and the protein oxidation. Fat and protein oxidation are harmful to the human body。

Lycopene may resist the oxidation of LDL cholesterol; reduce incidence of coronary artery disease and also reduce the incidence of prostate cancer. Further research believed that lycopene may lower the eyes of macular degeneration, lipid oxidation of blood and lung, bladder, cervix and a variety of skin cancer. Lycopene can also reduce heart disease, UV damage and skin cancer.

Lycopene is the best supplement for Anti Cancer

Some study pointed out that lycopene may reduce the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, colon and rectal cancer. Other report also shows that lycopene may also reduce the incidence of cervical cancer. In addition, lycopene can inhibit the proliferation of colon cancer and on prostate cancer; it also can prevent the formation of lung cancer.

Lycopene supplement can help the body prevent variety of diseases caused by free radicals. The anti-free radical system of body will increase with age and growing recession, so we must added antioxidants to reduce the incidence of the disease and Enhancement physical strength and endurance. Lycopene may also lower the plasma cholesterol levels. There are also studies that lycopene-containing food products could reduce cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and the risk of male infertility.

At present looks like, the lycopene is the good dietary supplement for anti-cancer (inhibition) and anti-cancer.